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The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

Preparing for a move in your personal life is hard. Everybody dreads it. Preparing for an office move can be even more stressful. To help you get your move done in the most painless way possible, we here at Coastal Moving Services have created this ultimate office move checklist with all the tips you need and more. 


Before you start your next move, take a look at this checklist and see if it can help make things a bit easier. 

Plan Where You’re Moving To 

Before you move your office, the first thing you need is to find a place to move into. If you’re downsizing from your current space, then it’s important to consider what you absolutely have to have in your office when you move. 


If you’re moving into a larger facility, then you’ll want to figure out the where and the when, and how you want to layout the things you have for your new office space. You may not have everything you need for a larger space in your current space, but you can plan for the things you do have and leave room for later additions. 


Putting a moving plan together will assist with getting the right help at the right time for moving the things you need into your new space. 

Schedule the Movers 

The next item on your office move checklist is to schedule the movers. If you have specific needs like moving office furniture, automobiles, or other large or delicate items, it helps to hire a moving brokerage to get the right type of movers for you. 


Once you’ve found the correct movers, you should have them scheduled to move on the correct day or to move things in stages so that you can begin setting up your new space quickly and efficiently. It also helps to use a moving company that assists with packing and unpacking


Many people can forget to schedule movers ahead of time and wait until the last minute. This can lead to lengthy and unnecessary delays, which is why we recommend scheduling your movers once you know your final move-in date. The most time in advance, the better. A staged move-in is also a good idea if you can afford the luxury of one. 


You shouldn’t be afraid to call and ask questions either. Knowing how far in advance to schedule your movers and what to do if your move-in date changes will help you in a pinch. 

Make a Packing List 

Another item on our checklist is making a list of what to pack. This can be done with or without the help of your movers, but having packing experts there with you will help the process go more smoothly and ensure everything is accounted for during the final move. 


Your packing list should be laid out similarly to how you want to move into space. With items grouped together based on need and where they go in your new space. This will make the steps from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking go much faster and more efficiently. 


It also helps to pack the most essential and important items first so that you can get them quickly when you’re moving in. That box of vintage snow globes might have value, but it’s probably not as important for business as your office computer. 


Your packing list should include identifiers like which box certain items are in, what room the item goes in, and other details to make the process simple. 

Get Rid of What You Don’t Want Beforehand 

This can be very difficult for some people. Knowing what to let go of when you move is crucial to a successful and clutter-free move. You can start with the easy things, trash, non-working equipment, knick-knacks, and other items. As you start to branch out, it can become harder to tell what is necessary and what isn’t. 


To get through the process, try to think about the things you need to do your business, and the things you can honestly and wholeheartedly do without. By the end of the process, you’ll likely find you’re traveling a lot lighter than you thought you were. 


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That’s it! You’ve reached the end of our ultimate office move checklist. Hopefully, the tips we’ve given here will take some of the stress out of your next big office move and will make the whole process just a bit easier. If you are currently planning your next office move, give us a call at Coastal Moving Services today.