Commercial moving is a trying ordeal. Not only is it a much larger move than your typical residential move, but there are many more considerations to make in terms of the location, layout, and accessibility. Trying to plan a commercial business or office move on your own can feel like an impossible task.

Finding the right movers that offer the services you need while keeping everything intact is no easy task either. That’s why Coastal Moving Services has access to commercial moving services to help with your office or business relocation. No matter the size of the load nor the distance traveled is too much for our moving industry experts.

Introduction to Commercial Office Moving Companies

When moving an office you need a lot more than just a small crew of movers and a box truck. There is a ton of planning to be done and a lot of accommodations to be made before a commercial move can even begin. Whether it’s one employee or a whole office workforce, having the right tools, equipment and preparation are crucial to a successful commercial move.

Most local movers are residential movers. During a residential move, the loads are often smaller and the destination is shorter. There’s usually less of a need for specialized service with a residential move, which is why you’ll often find the same setup for all your local moving companies. A commercial moving company is specialized to move businesses and offices of all shapes and sizes over any distance.

Commercial movers use larger trucks, larger crews, and have more specialized gear to protect heavy items, sensitive office equipment, and high-value items. Commercial movers also have to be better insured to cover the value of goods that they transport. We will also help with the planned layout of the space. This is to help come up with an effective moving plan so that once the move is underway the process can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Commercial office moving companies can generally also help with finding the right access points to the building or getting permission for loading and unloading so that all of the items can be delivered in a timely fashion that is not disruptive. Dealing with property managers and landlords can be taxing at the best of times. Letting your commercial movers work on your behalf can smooth out the process.

What is Included WITH A Local Commercial Moving Company

When hiring a commercial moving company, you want to have all the services you’ll need in one place.

Professional, Licensed and Insured

One of the things that people worry about during any moving situation is that their items will be well taken care of during the moving process. All of the commercial movers are highly professional, licensed, and insured commercial movers that have the experience and knowledge to handle even the most delicate equipment or high-value items with care.

They know how to pack, load, and unload virtually any type of cargo so that everything stays in pristine shape, no matter the size of the load.

Commercial Moving Company

Planning Your Move

The commercial movers will sit down with you and go over every detail of your move. This includes coming up with a detailed layout of your new space and where to position each item for maximum efficiency. By the time you’re through working with the professionals, you’ll be able to envision your new space before you arrive.

Part of the planning process also includes setting dates for move-in and delivery. For large loads, it may be necessary to schedule the move-in in stages so that everything goes into place in the correct order. The movers will help facilitate the move-in process so that you’re ready to be up and running as soon as possible. This also means working with building owners, landlords, and property owners to get permissions for loading and unloading on the premises

Commercial Moving Company

Secure Storage

Sometimes moves don’t go as scheduled. Other times you just need a bit more time to get everything sorted and organized. There are safe and secure storage options that are available before, during, and after the move so that you have all the time you need to get all of your business essentials in place.

Whether you’re storing files or belongings, it can be accommodated for as long as necessary. This option is crucial for large moves and can be a lifesaver when a move-in date changes or something else unexpected happens. We’re here to help you throughout the entire process. You can speak with our excellent customer support and arrange these services whenever you need them.

No one can plan for everything, but it helps to have a team who is ready with the services you need when you need them.

Commercial Moving Company

Transportation for Vehicles and Other Equipment

Do you have items that don’t fit into a normal truck? Perhaps you need vehicles and other gear moved safely and securely. We can direct you to commercial and auto transporters.

Commercial Moving Company

Why You Need to Use a Commercial Moving Company

With everything that a commercial move entails, you simply can’t trust just any movers to handle your office move. A commercial move takes much more planning than a standard residential move. When you’re moving large office furniture and equipment, trying to do so without a plan can make a stressful situation even worse.

Besides the planning, you need the support and equipment that only a commercial mover can provide. Moving large loads means larger trucks and loading equipment is necessary. Not only that, you want to be sure that there are enough movers to handle everything safely. If you’re moving an entire office, then you’re going to want a team of professionals that knows how to best move all your items without damaging them.

Why Choose Coastal Moving Services

Coastal Moving Services are not marketers for a particular moving company. We are a licensed moving brokerage with the Department of Transportation. This means that we find movers on your behalf. We have industry experts ready to take your call and find you the moving company for exactly your unique situation.

As a broker, we have the resources to vet numerous moving companies to ensure that the ones selected for you are only the highest quality with the best track record of excellent service. Our business is making your move as easy and simple as possible by providing you with the services and support you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

While other companies work for themselves, we work for the customer and help them through the process until they are satisfied. We are there to answer questions, make changes and adjustments, we’ll even help you select a new mover if you aren’t happy for some reason. We aim to be your one-stop solution for all your moving needs.

Before you go at it alone on your next move, contact Coastal Moving Services and see what we can do for you.