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Local Moving Companies in Florida

Moving can be a stressful experience, but with the right moving company, it doesn’t have to be. Local moving companies in Florida are trained and experienced professionals who will make sure that you’re moved safely, securely, and on time.


Coastal Moving Services is here to help you learn about what a moving company is, how they can help you move your belongings from one location to another, where you should look for local movers in Florida, and why those are important considerations when planning a move.

What Is a Moving Company?

A moving company is a business that specializes in transporting your belongings from one location to another. There are a variety of types of moving companies for many different situations.


Residential movers handle moving your personal belongings within a certain distance. There are generally two types of residential movers, short distance, usually within the same state or county, and long-distance movers who can typically move you anywhere across the country.


Besides residential movers, there are also commercial movers. Commercial movers handle transporting your business from one location to another. This can mean moving office furniture, computers,  files, and supplies.


Commercial movers are different from residential in the sense that they can handle larger items, but commercial also includes any business that moves a lot of equipment on a regular basis such as musicians or DJs who use the equipment for their live performances at events all over the country.


There is an even more specific type of moving company called industrial mover which specializes in transporting heavy machinery, scrap metal, aircraft engines, oversized vehicles, and other types of large cargo loads.


Finally, there are storage facilities to help with your long-distance move where you store your belongings while waiting for them to be transported safely to another location.

What Can Moving Companies Do for You?

Moving companies offer a variety of services including packing up household goods before they arrive at their destination, setting up furniture from one location to another, and unpacking items once they’ve arrived at their final destination.


Many movers will help you through the planning phase of the move by discussing with you the specific details of your move such as the expected move-in date, the size of the location, as well as the layout. During this planning phase, you can determine how and when to deliver the ideas, what the procedure will be for the unloading process, and where to place everything once it arrives.


This is particularly useful for large residential moves and commercial moves where there may be logistical challenges that can make the move more difficult. This is an especially crucial component of a long-distance move.


Most movers will meet with building supervisors and discuss loading and unloading procedures so that there is no issue with the move when the time comes. We know that this can be stressful and that having the right local help matters most in your time of need.


If and when you need it, many movers will offer short or long-term storage of your belongings while you sort out your moving situation.


They also provide securing equipment such as ropes and dollies which help them transport heavy objects easily during transit without causing damage to the building or home. In addition, these companies come with liability insurance to cover damages in the unlikely event that something happens during transit.

Why You Want to Look For Local Movers in Florida

While it’s easy enough to find any number of movers near you, finding local movers in Florida that you can trust will make whatever your moving situation is much easier, faster, and worry-free.


Coastal Moving Services isn’t just a moving company, we are a moving broker. It is our mission to help you find the right local movers no matter what type of move it is you’re planning.


Our industry-trained experts vet each and every moving company we hire so that you’re guaranteed top-notch service. We’ll also be there to help you along the way should your needs change or problems arise. Before you settle for just any old movers, contact Coastal Moving Services and let us see what we can do for you.