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How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Anyone who has ever had to move anywhere knows that packing is one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the process. Besides all the back-breaking labor of packing boxes with stuff, there’s getting everything organized, wrapping fragile and delicate items, and remembering where everything goes once it’s time to unload. Sometimes though, we simply don’t have the time to go through the whole process all over again. 


Coastal Moving Services is here to help. We’ve got 4 tips to help you pack more efficiently for a move so that you can spend your time focused on other issues. 

4 Ways You Can Pack Efficiently for a Move 

There are lots of tips we could give you to help you pack more efficiently but we’ll try to break down some of these tips into 4 of the ways to pack more efficiently the next time you’re ready to move. 

Tip #1: Sort, Declutter, and Organize Before You Pack 

There’s more that goes into a move than just simply packing everything up. Having the right tips for the whole moving process will make things easier. Just like moving can be broken down into steps, packing can be too. 


Before you ever start crowding rooms with boxes and trying to figure out what goes where it helps to go ahead and declutter so that you have fewer overall items to pack. We all hold on to things that we don’t plan on using or that aren’t going with us when we move. The first step to successful packing is to get rid of this unnecessary clutter. 


Once the clutter is gone, you’ll actually have less to sort through and ultimately get organized. We often think that doing all these things while we’re packing is easier, but it’s not, it just gives more to get in the way while packing. 

Tip #2: Once You Start Packing, Pack Smart 

When we say pack smart, we don’t mean putting everything in boxes and tapping it up. In fact, packing has some technique to it. If you took our first tip, then you already have things organized and sorted. This means you can easily figure out what to pack first rather than going from room to room trying to find everything. 


Knowing what to pack first is crucial to a successful and efficient move. As is finishing what you start. It’s a good idea to pack an entire room before moving on to somewhere else. 


Tip #3: Pack for Where You’re Moving and Create an Inventory

Creating a simple inventory of what you have and what you’re actually taking is crucial to not over-packing or overloading your new home. Sure, your new home may have more room, but do you really need everything? Part of how to pack efficiently for a move is discovering what you can live without. Pack essentials first, then decide whether the new space needs everything you have packed or whether you need to downsize some more. 


The inventory will help you keep track of everything when you do move so that all you have to do is check items off the list. 

Tip #4: Hire Movers That Include Packing Services 

The simplest and most efficient way to get the packing done without all that back-breaking labor is by hiring a moving company that also offers packing services as well. Typically this includes boxing, wrapping, loading, unload, and placement. 


Knowing that you have professional packers on your side while getting ready to move will take all the stress away and let you focus on getting settled in your new destination. 

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