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What are the Best Places to Move to in Florida?

Anyone who’s ever been to Florida or heard about the gorgeous sunny weather and abundant sandy beaches likely knows that there are lots of great places in the sunshine state to move to. There are a variety of places within the state that will appeal to different people for different reasons. 


Here we’re taking a look at some of the more desirable places in Florida to move for a variety of reasons, whether you’re looking for affordability, quality of living, sun and sand or something else entirely. 


Now our 5 best places to move in Florida in no particular order!


On the southern tip of Florida Miami is the largest metropolitan city in Florida with tons of diversity and culture to experience. Thanks in part to its location, Miami is warm year round and enjoys a coastal town vibe. 


Those who want a lot of nightlife and entertainment would enjoy moving to Miami because  it has  great access to both. 


Another perk to living in Miami is the variety of food choices; it’s a melting pot and offers dishes from all over Latin America, Europe and Asia. 


The downside for some people may be that even though it’s warm year-round, there are more bugs than other parts of Florida because Miami does not have seasons so the mosquitoes never truly go away. 


A popular destination for tourists looking for amusement parks like Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando also has affordable housing options with close proximity to nature thanks to its location inland on Florida’s Atlantic coast near wetlands and forests. 


While not everyone will enjoy it during the tourist season, Orlando has a lot to offer as one of the best places to move to in Florida thanks to the sheer volume of things to do whether you’re a local or a tourist. 

Fort Myers 

If your goal is more about retirement than about being near nightlife or family friendly activities, then Fort Myers Florida is the ideal moving destination for you. Fort Myers has the largest population of retirees in Florida and is one of the best places to move for seniors.


Fort Myers also offers a variety of amenities including resorts, golf courses, fishing opportunities and some great restaurants too. Fort Myers is definitely on the quieter side while still offering plenty to see and do, just at a bit of a slower pace. You can expect to spend plenty of time just relaxing and enjoying that great Florida sunshine if you move to Fort Myers. 


There are many communities that come alive with culture while still maintaining an affordable cost-of-living as well as excellent access to shopping districts with plenty of dining options off the beaten path. 


Despite being labelled as one of the best places in Florida to retire, it has a mixed population of both young and old and is experiencing a great deal of population growth as a result of people coming there for opportunity or retirement. 


Naples is considered one of the most desirable places to live in Florida because it offers an excellent quality of life and has got plenty going on. From its top-rated golf courses or a stroll down Fifth Avenue, you’re never bored here when living in Naples. It’s also near both beach communities and  the Everglades, which are two of the best tourist destinations in Florida. 


The city is equally welcoming to both families and retirees with many activities for all ages. Being near the Everglades also gives you access to one of the most important nature conservation efforts in the country as well as a truly unique ecosystem. 


If you’re interested in being part of something to help the environment, then Naples is one of the best places to live in Florida. 

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While there are many other fantastic places worth moving to in Florida, we picked these five as our favorites for having a variety of amenities and features that the newly arrived might enjoy. 


If you’re ready to make the jump to one of the best places to move in Florida, give Coastal Moving Services a call today!